Neolithic Period – Standing stones erected for reasons unknown. Indicates a large population living in Auskerry.
lambs at standing stone
Bronze Age – Several houses erected and a ‘Burnt’ Mound indicating a thriving community.
Iron Age – Much evidence of Farming activity, with field boundaries and dykes for animal husbandry.
6th – 12th Century – A community of Christian ‘Hermits’ lived in a monastic building on the South coast. They built a Pictish and later a 12th century Church.
1771 – 60′ long Sperm Whale came ashore in Whale Geo on the East side. It was later transported to Stronsay for processing for Sperm oil which took 3 weeks and several men to complete.
12th Century – 1866 – Peat cutting, Kelp collection for Alkaline for food and sheep farming continued without any permanent human inhabitants whilst Auskerry was owned by the Housebay Estate in Stronsay.
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1864 – Work began on building the Lighthouse.
1866 – Lighthouse completed. The lighthouse was occupied by 2 families until the 2nd World War when the Northern Lighthouse Board changed the manning to 3 keepers in about 1943.
1914 – 1918 – 1st World War Navy personnel stationed for signalling and Radio surveillance. They lived in huts in the field near the Lighthouse.
1926 – ‘Hastings County’ went ashore in fog. No lives lost- all the ship’s cargo was salvaged
1941 – Two bombs landed in Auskerry near the lighthouse.
1942 – Hotchkiss guns erected.
1939 – 1945 – Convoys of ships passed by in the Stronsay Firth.
1943 – December 16 Donald Franko crash landed an Oxford Trainer on Auskerry in driving rain and no visibility.
1961 – Lighthouse automated – the first to be automated in Orkney and one of the first in Scotland.
1973 – Simon Brogan bought the island.
1975 – Simon Brogan came to live on it full time.
1983 – Teresa Probert married Simon and joined him on the island.
1983 – ‘Isle of Auskerry’ business started .
1988 – Rory Auskerry their first son was born.
1991 – Owen Auskerry their second son was born.
1996 – Hamish Auskerry was born.
1998 – 30′ Northern Bottlenose Whale came ashore. Skeleton remains on the island.
2000 – Donald Franko who crash landed in the 1943 revisited with his wife, Lottie and daughter, Betty Tripp.
2012 – June 6th Visit from HRH Princess Royal with the NLB as part of HRH The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations. A beacon had been lit in Auskerry the day before.