From Fleece to Yarn

Many of our customers want to know how the fleece that is keeping our sheep warm and dry today becomes their knitting project tomorrow, so here is the answer… In the summer months, using large shears we hand clip the fleece from our sheep and roll each one up before packing them into large bags

Five Ways to Wear Your Auskerry Scarf

So you’ve invested a fair bit of time and effort into completing your Auskerry scarf from our knitting kit and now you are looking for different ways to wear your latest creation. Here we give you five unique ways to wear your scarf. As a side note, wool insulates even when it is wet making

Five ways to wear your Aran Beanie

Perhaps you have been given an Isle of Auskerry Beanie hat or knitted one from one of our kits – we’ve put together some handy tips on how to wear it… Straight up This is the easiest way to style your beanie as you simply just put it on your head. If you are brave

The Story of the Lighthouse

Auskerry Lighthouse was built between 1864 and 1866 by pioneering lighthouse engineers David and Thomas Stevenson to light the north entrance to the Stronsay Firth. Attached to the lighthouse are two flat-roofed keepers’ flats; the lower one is used all year round as a store and the other is used occasionally in the summer. To

Lifestyle of a North Ronaldsay Sheep

The North Ronaldsay or ‘Rollie’ breed of sheep pre-dates the Iron Age. These rare and unique sheep do not need humans to help them in any way. Although it is possible (if often frustrating!) to gather them by human activity, it is not advisable to try using dogs. ‘Rollies’ have no respect for any canine

Hard Work = Free Fuel

Our life on Auskerry relies heavily on our supply of peat to keep our stove burning in order to provide us with hot water and a house warm enough to survive the long, dark nights of an Orcadian winter. We cut the peat out of the ground with an ‘L’ shaped, long handled knife known

Our Family Business

For the last 35 years we have been farming the isolated island of Auskerry. Our boys have grown up helping to round up the sheep for lambing and clipping; a job that involves a lot of running over this 250-acre island especially as North Ronaldsay sheep have no respect for sheepdogs and will jump straight

The Island of Auskerry

We have been farming the island of Auskerry for 35 years. The stretches of water that separate us and the nearest islands are subject to strong tides, and we are often unable to cross for anything up to 6 weeks in the winter. Even in summertime it can be hard to find a day that

North Ronaldsay Sheep – “perfectly adapted to their environment”

These sheep have thrived in Orkney for thousands of years, having been farmed by the original settlers who built the Ring of Brodgar and Maeshowe. Rolie fleeces lined the beds at Skara Brae and kept our ancestors warm in a variety of ways. The sheepskins are a perfect insulator and would have been used to

Local Links

We are proud that our products are not only beautiful but environmentally sustainable and totally local as well. The following links are to other local Orkney businesses whose services or products have a similar ethos. If you are staying in Orkney we recommend that you fit in some trips to the outer isles as they

New Look Website

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. With a totally revamped shop, and a brand new blog, we’re looking forward to posting updates from the Island and rolling out some great new items. To thank you for your continued support (we really do appreciate it), we have a limited time voucher