Weaving our blankets at Knockando Weaving Mill


Knockando Wool Mill in Speyside is the last remaining district wool mill in the UK.

Spinning and weaving went hand in hand with agriculture at Knockando. There would be little work carried on in the Wool mill during sowing or harvest time but after shearing, local farmers would bring in their fleeces to be processed and take them away as blankets and tweed cloth. Many communities had their own local district woollen mill, but the majority of these disappeared between the two World Wars.
The Wool mill uses the original textile machinery, fully restored to a working condition, to maintain the mill’s traditions of spinning and weaving that have been passed down through generations of families since 1784.

Now Hugh Jones weaves the blankets that we sell from our sheep’s yarn on these old looms so that we can help to keep these skills going in Scotland and to produce a fully Scottish product.
You can visit the mill at; www.knockandowoolmill.org.uk