The isolated Scottish Island of Auskerry has been home to our Family Business for over 35 Years. As the only inhabitants, and often being cut off for weeks at a time by weather, we have built our home, educated our three boys and created this business from our flock of sheep. With no mains electricity or running water at the beginning it has been a challenge!
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Our flock of North Ronaldsay Sheep is the second largest in the UK. For thousands of years these rare native sheep have survived in the Orkney islands grazing their favourite food of seaweed whenever the tides allow.

They are perfectly adapted to this storm-lashed environment. Their unique fleeces are symmetrically marked with a range of colours from caramel to black and creamy silver to dark grey and the yarn they produce is amazingly soft.

We love receiving the many glowing Testimonials from customers who are enjoying our unique finished products and Knit-it! Kits and we always enjoy seeing the results of your creativity from our Creative Components. We are proud to be a Local Producer in Orkney which is such a special place to live.