Our island home is our business too.

The isolated Orkney Island of Auskerry has been our home and our family business for over 35 Years. Our products are completely sustainable as these sheep are perfectly adapted to this habitat. Our sheep wander along the pebble beaches to eat the seaweed as its washed up on the tide, and jump the rock-pools to graze on the living weed far out on the rocks. In summer they feast on the flowers and grasses that grow inland.They live in total harmony with the thousands of seabirds that nest here every year including the large colonies of Puffins, Stormy Petrels and Black Guillemots.

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The North Ronaldsay seaweed-eating sheep breed.

Our flock of seaweed-eating sheep are one of only two flocks left in Orkney of this rare North Ronaldsay Breed.

Their unique fleeces are symmetrically marked with a range of colours from caramel to black and creamy silver to dark grey and the yarn they produce is amazingly soft and fine.

We hand clip their fleeces with shears, making the job stress-free for both us and the sheep. We love the chance this gives us to spend time with each ewe, enjoying the colour variations of each individual fleece, and taking time to check on the health of their teeth and feet.

Our Customers and our Products.

Our customers love to give our sheepskin rugs and blankets as wedding presents or to mark a friend’s special event. Many visitors to Orkney take home our yarn to knit or make up one of our kits whilst still on holiday!

We love receiving the many glowing Testimonials from customers all over the world.

Its always a pleasure to see the results of your creativity from our pure wool yarnsKnit-it! Kits and Creative Components. We are proud to be an artisan craft producer in Orkney which is such a special place to live.

Every product you buy makes this flock more sustainable thus helping to conserve this remarkable breed for future generations.

Map of Orkney showing Auskerry